Secret Stash Records is an independent record label based in Minneapolis, MN.  Founded in 2009, it was originally a vinyl-only reissue label.  Eventually we expanded into compact discs and digital distribution.  In 2013 we built our first recording studio and began recording new music for release on the label.  It was a small studio that was utilized almost exclusively for projects released by us.

In early 2015 our new facility was built as an analog-focused recording studio with a completely integrated digital side.  Located in a converted warehouse in historic Loring Park, the space boasts a very large, airy live room with high ceilings and plenty of baffling so groups of any size can cut tracks at real volumes, in real time.  Our equipment list is packed with classic amps, rare microphones, world-class outboard gear, three iconic tape decks, and high-quality, transparent digital conversion.  Though it was originally constructed around the needs of our house band, The Lakers (of Sonny Knight and The Lakers), the studio books other label and non-label projects ranging from Afrobeat to Krautrock, and Indie.  In addition to recording recording services, our highly experienced staff can also assist with the digitizing, remastering, and cataloging of analog tapes, lacquers, and vinyl records.

John Miller
Chief Engineer

John has been Chief Engineer of Secret Stash since the studio’s inception in 2013. When he’s not recording new music, you’ll find him carefully digitizing master tapes for the label’s reissue operations. His tape chops are no joke; John was an archivist at Minnesota Public Radio for one of the biggest tape archival projects in the state’s history (Star Tribune Article).

Alex Simpson
Freelance Engineer
Alex started in the Secret Stash Studio after serving as Chief Audio Engineer and Production Director at Radio K. When he’s not behind the console, he’s on the other side of the glass recording/performing with local group WILLIAM WITHIN.

Eric Foss
Label VP of Sales & Marketing
Before launching Secret Stash Records from a spare bedroom in 2009, Eric was a freelance consultant to labels around the country.  Before that he cut his teeth managing the marketing and distribution of nearly 300 albums ranging from  gospel, to jazz, metal, and R&B.  Today he oversees the production, marketing, and distribution of every Secret Stash release and also drums in the label’s house band, The Lakers.